Krzysztof Wabnik


I am an engineer who turned into biologist. I combine what is the best from these two disciplines. I run the lab, write projects, mentor people and last but no least try to keep everybody happy and productive

Ornella Pucciariello 


I am a biologist mostly dedicated to plant physiology and development. I would like to mix my background with synthetic biology to get new insights in my research. I have the best expectations for my postdoc formation because I am really motivated and I have a great team. 

Marco Marconi


I studied computer science and worked in IT. Later I moved to research and got a PhD in Bioinformatics. Currently I am doing a postdoc in the PlantDynamics lab taking care of computer modelling and stuff

Merisa Avdovic


My name is Merisa, PhD student in PlantDynamics Lab. I'm conducting experiments and collecting data for studies in a variety of projects in our lab. I'm currently involved in investigation of the design principles of plant hormone signaling circuits in dynamically changing environment."

Daniel Alique


I am Plant-Computational Biotechnologist. My PhD focuses on studying how genetic circuits set spatio-temporal patterns that determine developmental responses in plants. For that, I apply cutting-edge approaches, both computational and experimental. I strongly believe in the potential of plant research to overcome the current challenges in production.

Mario García Navarrete


I am a very motivated person that aims in achieving the cutting-edge cross-disciplinary skills which will accelerate my professional development and turn me into a highly successful scientist. My professional interests lie in combining several disciplines such as biochemistry, synthetic biology and computer-aided process modeling with the goal of looking for bioengineering applications that will improve human life. Apart of my scientific life, I obtained my advance adventure scuba-diving certificate from SSI and I am also graduated in a two-year course of professional formation in the field of sport activities.

Sara Pérez García


I graduated in Biotechnology Computational at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Currently, I am enrolled in the Master of Computational Biology classes. I became interested in synthetic biology shortly after I had started my internship at PlanDynamics lab in 2018. I aim to apply wet lab and computational techniques with bioengineering of living matter to solve some of the complex problems in our day to day life.

Previous lab members

Cristina Prieto Navarro


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